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Mob Arena: Cathedral

Mob Arena is the new event added in Blinkcraft version 8 (1.8). Mob Arena is a gamemode that has 5 players enter an arena of their choice and fight waves of monsters. Each 5 waves advanced gains each of the players Golden Ingots (Economy). There are many different classes that can be played inside the Mob Arena that are listed below. Once inside the arena and the game has started, if the players trys to leave the arena/finds a way to glitch or jump out he will automatically be thrown out of the arena and all rewards will be expelled from his player.


  • Archer
  • Tank
  • Knight
  • Butcher
  • Chef
  • Guardian (Donor Only)
  • Pyro (DonorLv3+)


  • Cathedral
  • Dark Mansion ($150 donor goal achievement)