Hidden Chests are found throughout the world of Blinkcraft. Sometimes very hard to find, hidden Chests contain many valuables and can be very beneficial for the player who finds them. Since Hidden Chests are so hard to find and there is a limited supply of them you usually get more than what the Blinkcraft crew actually wants to give you. Hidden Chests must be opened with Hidden Chest Keys. More information about the keys can be found below.

Hidden Chest KeysEdit

Hidden Chest Keys are purchasable by donating $8 to Blinkcraft (through /buy). Alternatively Hidden Chest Keys can be obtained through finishing specific events hosted by the Blinkcraft community.

Hidden Chest LootEdit

  • Diamonds
  • Diamond Blocks
  • Emeralds
  • Emerald Blocks
  • Golden Ingots
  • Gold Blocks
  • Lapiz Lazuli
  • Lapiz Blocks
  • Enchanted Books
  • Skeleton Heads
  • Zombie Heads
  • Creeper Heads
  • Wither Heads